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Rating: 9.8

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After a quick knife chat on types, sharpening, holds and cutting techniques These classes are focused on really getting to grips with cutting a lamb up the right way. In the process you will gain a better understanding of all the cuts, how to cook them and what you want next time you walk into a butcher shop even if you never end up cutting up a whole lamb again. Not to mention lots of tasty lamb to take home which you have butchered yourself.

We will also touch on the importance of animal structure and different breeds. Then the real fun begins when each person gets half a lamb. Several steps or cuts will be demonstrated then you get stuck in, then we do the next stage and so on until we have a pile of cuts, joints and trim, we then prepare some mince for stuffing, learn the finer techniques of French trimming and start rolling and tying your joints.

Then a well deserved beverage and supper.

Approx 10kg of lamb bits, depending on how clean you made those bones ends up being yours to take home. Make sure you have a big dinner planned, some freezer space or very deserving friends and family to give away to. Meat will be packed and labeled to help you with your new found feast.

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Fun, interesting, delicious!

Rating: 10

GGallagher attended in July 2019, reviewed on 2 August 2019

Had a great time learning to fully butcher a lamb. Nathan was very hands on as an instructor and I really learnt a lot. Walked away with a load of delicious meat - tastes even better when you prepared it entirely. The group was small and helped each other out, and the beef stew together at the end was very pleasant and also well deserved!

Great Experience

Rating: 10

james108campbell attended in February 2019, reviewed on 25 February 2019

Nathan made us very welcome and delivered an excellent course in lamb butchery. The Butchery is easy to find and Nathan was very patient with those of us that were new to the experience!

The course is great value - you come home with the half lamb that you cut up during the day and it was great to finish with a meal and glass of wine. We thoroughly enjoyed the day and the experience. Would thoroughly recommend.

Excellent experiance

Rating: 10

DaveyL attended in January 2017, reviewed on 27 January 2017

This was a 50th Birthday present from friends.
I was great fun and a brilliant experience. There were 10 of us in the class, 2 to each Lamb, and there was enough room to work and watch
Nathan and Ben were excellent and patient in showing you all you needed to know to butcher the lamb. You work one cut/ part of the lamb at a time. They demonstrate what you need to do and walk around the butcher's blocks helping and guiding you.

You get a real appreciation on how much work goes into your joints of meat and i will look at a rack of lamb differently now, having prepared my own.
But that's not all!
You get to take home around 10kg of lamb and wow what great quality meat it is!
Probably the best lamb i have ever had. So tasty and tender.
I highly recommend this and am looking forward to doing another one of Nathans course

Lamb Course

Rating: 10

jonnycraze attended in November 2016, reviewed on 7 November 2016

I've been buying meat from Forest Hill Butchers for the last 3 1/2 years and have been amping to do a Butchery course with them for at least that long.

Myself and a mate finally got on the Lamb course last weekend and it was well worth the wait! I've done a few Butchery courses elsewhere but none come close to this in terms of learning and understanding the different cuts and how to get to them!

Instruction from Nathan and co. was very relaxed but equally professional & informative. Their mantra being that there are no stupid questions - so there's no need to be apprehensive as it's a really enjoyable experience.

Can't recommend this course enough and already psyching up for the beef!

Lamb brothers

Rating: 10

tommcclelland@btinternet.com attended in August 2015, reviewed on 24 August 2015

Fantastic experience and highly recommended. Great combination of learning and getting stuck in. The meal and glass of wine with the group at the end topped off an excellent Sunday afternoon. Only 6 to a class so lots of time for questions, tutoring and chat.
Highly recommend doing it with a friend so you can work together on the same animal, then spar with each other when it's split in half over who's the better butcher. All seemed to agree that my brother-law-Tom was out of his depth and should stick to making the teas.

Farmers trip to the city

Rating: 10

DanBower attended in September 2014, reviewed on 13 September 2014

Great day out , very relaxed good host ,this is the place to go if you want learn the skills of butchery ,get to take half a lamb home can't get better than that ,tastes a whole lot better than supermarket crap .Excellent meal after and some great Australian wine ,the old boy knows stuff . They've come a long way since we dropped them off !

A great way to spend an afternoon

Rating: 8

jzincke attended in July 2014, reviewed on 3 July 2014

I booked on this course after a friend of mine did the pork one and he highly recommended it. Nathan is a great instructor who is always on hand to help at every stage. It was a great way to learn about the animal and discover new cuts I had never heard of!
Be warned though it took us 6.5 hours, non stop to completely take apart our hind quarter, Nathan can do it in 45mins! The time passed quite quickly though which was shows how much fun I had.
The group was just 6 and we were split in two with a hind quarter each to share.
At the end of the Butchery,we all sat down and had a lovely lamb stew and a few glasses of wine. which was great as most of use would be cooking beef the next day! I took home a nice size bag of meat, which I will be feasting on for the coming weeks. Steaks (rib eye, Rump, Fillet and Sirloin, a large roasting joint (which I have cut in half), stewing steak, mince and much more.
The following day, I did indeed cook a T-bone steak, which was possibly the best steak I have ever had. Just booking on a lamb course as a result BAH!!!


Rating: 10

Penfold attended in May 2014, reviewed on 13 May 2014

Really superb course. Only 6 people on it and run by Nathan. Very personable and knowledgeable without being intimidating in the slightest!. We had a whole lamb between two and, following Nathan's lead, proceeded to cut, slice and saw our way to a very generous final result.
The quality of the meat is in line with the quality of the instruction. A real hands on experience culminating in a well needed, and mouth-wateringly delicious chicken stew washed down with a glass or two of red.
If you like proper food and are interested in its origins and its preparation, then I could not recommend this course more highly.
I shall definitely be booking up for more once i have worked my way through the mountain of lamb i took home in my cold bag!


Rating: 10

tosh96 attended in October 2013, reviewed on 14 October 2013

I can't recommend this course highly enough. If you enjoy meat in general, want to learn where the various cuts come from and get some hands on too, then this is the course for you. Nathan is a great teacher and you can feel the passion he has for his profession...top notch!

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