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Hatched Gallery is an innovative pop-up gallery that births inspirational and thought-provoking curations for the public. Utilising the art industry’s most dedicated and promising fine artists, Hatched aims to arouse collaboration out of gallery shows with a focused concept. 

We believe that curation is an art form in and of itself and, if done well, has the potential to spawn art exhibitions greater than the sum of their parts and as a result, promote artists, curators and the community.

Occasionally as apart of our exhibitions we host fundraising events or dinners in our pop-up spaces. We try to link our dinners in some way to our art show. Art isn't just painting, sculptures or photographs it can be the blending of tastes and presentation of food. 

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by Hatched Gallery

We are popping up at Shortwave Cinema in Bermondsey on Dec 6th to present TAKE
CARE, by conceptual artist Mohamed-El-Haddi. As part of our screening, we are
offering a Caribbean dinner and a movie... Read more


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