The Clove Club

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A private dining club in Dalston -- hosting suppers and parties featuring up and coming chefs.

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by The Clove Club

Our next project is a temporary restaurant in one of the first office buildings that went up on the Canary Wharf development called Restaurants In Residence.

Restaurants In Residence is part of... Read more

by The Clove Club

Extract from The Clove Club invitation:

The space for the event is actually a warehouse in Soho in which we are creating a speakeasy for one night only; installing a kitchen, bar and dance floor all... Read more

by The Clove Club

Isaac McHale -- development chef at The Ledbury -- cooks up a storm in Dalston with a little help from his friends.

* Buttermilk fried Chicken in Pine Salt
* Ogleshield Gougeres with Crystal... Read more




Twitter: @thecloveclub


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