Shacklewell Nights

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Shacklewell Nights is a hidden dining venture appearing at interesting venues across London.

The ‘pop up’ dining establishment will serve a menu of carefully sourced local and seasonal ingredients in a relaxed informal environment.

Shacklewell Nights is a collaboration between Claire Roberson, a founder of one of the first and most respected underground supper clubs, Green Onions, and Jonathan Woolway, from St Johns Restaurant, Smithfield.

Photo copyright Rosalind Miller

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by Shacklewell Nights

Extract from Shacklewell Nights website:

A hidden dining experience in the heart of Dalston, where guests will be treated to impromptu whisky tastings and a four-course menu of carefully sourced... Read more

by Shacklewell Nights

Accidental Records presents a new one-off collaboration between musicians, food writers and chefs as MATTHEW HERBERT joins forces with chef ROSIE SYKES and pop-dining legends SHACKLEWELL NIGHTS /... Read more




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