L'Alsacienne PopUp Brasserie


L'Alsacienne pop-up Brasserie opened its doors in Elstree & Borehamwood in September 2012 offering guests a great insight into authentic Alsacien cuisine with a twist.

Creating well researched and sourced 5 course meals with all the trimmings. A convivial and warm atmosphere where the portions are generous and guests will never leave hungry.

Every month we create a seasonal and mouthwatering menu with all the influences of a traditional Alsacien Brasserie, warm and friendly. So do not hesitate to get in contact we would love to have you : )

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by L'Alsacienne PopUp Brasserie

L'Alsacienne Special Mothers Day PopUp Brasserie French Fine dining experience consisting of a 5 course meal including hand decorated canapés and finished off with a delicious digestif, café et... Read more


Website: www.lalsacienne.co.uk

Email: L_alsacienne@yahoo.co.uk

Facebook: Facebook page

Twitter: @LAlsacienneUK


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