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The one and only Singapore supperclub and pioneering South East Asian supperclub in London. Dispelling the fiction that is Singapore noodles, one diner at a time. Featured in New Straits Times Malaysia, Business Times Singapore, TimeOut London and the Telegraph!

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Wear red. Eat badass Singapore food. Banter with the chef.

Suggestion donation of 30 minimum. BYOB.... Read more

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Kueh pie tee
Chicken satay
Beef rendang... Read more

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April 1st is quickly sneaking up on us, and after a lot of head cracking, navel gazing and friend harrassing... uh... I mean brainstorming, BOY do we have a WINNER of supper menu lined up just for... Read more

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Guest chef - Yolanda Augustin

Pork belly satay... Read more

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Two obsessive Singaporean cooks. One tiny Islington Kitchen.

Welcome to One Night at The Peranakan Palace... PART TWO!

So Bibik Jason loved collaborating with us so much that we decided One Night... Read more

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Price listed is an indication only, and will depend on your group size and menu chosen.

Please get in touch to discuss your needs.... Read more

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Dong dong dong dong CHIANG!

It's Enter the Dragon round here at Plusixfive HQ and we've got some kitchen kungfu afoot for a slightly belated Chinese New Year celebration... with lotsa goodies from... Read more

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Our next supper is going to test who are the most hardcore gourmets among you all, cos we're going to serve


AND, not to mention whatever other Nyonya Singaporean... Read more

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We will be showcasing a few of the homegrown dishes that mom and grandma used to whip up for dinner at home.

And lace it with pinch of nostalgia and a dash of comfort.

BUT WITH A TWIST....!... Read more

Supperclub Summit

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Kong Bak Pau
(Grandma's fat ass melty stewed pork buns)
... Read more

Pop-Up Singapore House

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Two countries. One long held grudge. A big bone (tea) to pick.

A duel to settle old scores.

Singapore faces off Malaysia once again in...... Read more

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Mummy I'm Going to the Plusixfive Peranakan Palace!

Goz of @Plusixfive, Shu of @Mummyicancook.com, and J of @Feasttotheworld triple-team up for sizzling summer supper featuring NO RICE.

... Read more

Sunday Feasts

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This is it. The last big bash before Goz heads off the British Isles for a work assignment.

Menu coming soon.... Read more

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I know we hardly had summer, but AUTUMN IS HERE.

And on the Chinese calendar, 30 Sep is my favourite festival of all, the MID-AUTUMN FESTIVAL! (Mooncakes, tea, lanterns, gazing at the moon for... Read more

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*superman theme intro*

Welcome to A Rendevous with Lady Luck-Sa

************************... Read more

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In Singapore we take all our meals very seriously, and just because it's early in the morning, doesn't mean breakfast should be plain ol' cereal or toast (it just means the mums and hawkers wake up... Read more

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In Singapore we take all our meals very seriously, and just because it's early in the morning, doesn't mean breakfast should be plain ol' cereal or toast (it just means the mums and hawkers wake up... Read more

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A London supperclub POP UP in Hong Kong.

We be serving up Lido Palace laksa and our infamous chwee kueh at our debut market stall in Hong Kong. Come makan, yo!

Laksa - 55 HKD / £4.50... Read more

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If you've missed out on all our past suppers, it's ok, we bring you THE BEST OF 2012, all in ONE NIGHT!

We ( Jason and Shuhan) have decided to finish the year off with a big bang with the best of... Read more

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So our last menu featured the best of plusixfive but we’re now getting a bit bored of making chwee kueh, bak kut teh and sambal eggs. (Well, for a while at least. Give us a... Read more

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恭喜發財 !! Gong Xi Fa Cai !!

Now that we've got all the silly new year detox diets out of the way, it's time to REALLY usher in the new year the chinese way i.e. dressing up... Read more

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We've had a few people whine and nudge and prod us to do something without pork. And we have pretended not to hear for the longest time, because we love our pork belly buns and (sneaky) lard-laced... Read more

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YEP. For one night only, we're going to be invading yum bun's kitchen and serving... Read more


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+(65) Supper Club – kintarasan

10 Mar 13 by kintarasan

Supperclub Summit - Plusixfive +65 | London Tastin' - London Food & Restaurant Blog

09 Aug 12 by London Tastin' - London Food & Restaurant Blog

kitchen conversations: Spicy Crispy Boiled Eggs...YUM

03 Jun 12 by kitchen conversations

Magic Buns

Rating: 9

yummychooeats attended plusixfive X yum bun in June 2013, reviewed on 3 June 2013

Absolutely loved these buns! Quick service, great chefs, I happily continued my night out after eating them, all were delicious but the ox cheek rendang was my favourite, I find myself still dreaming about it!

A feast of quirky authenticity

Rating: 8

gluttoness attended A Singaporean X British Mid-Autumn Feast in September 2012, reviewed on 3 October 2012

If it's possible to be authentic as well as non traditional, then the team at plusixfive have achieved it with style. Shu-Han, Jason and Christine were fabulous, effusive hosts who cooked and served a feast of Singaporean/Malaysian favourites, most with a British twist. Shu-Han's passion for locality came through as she explained the use of seasonal British produce in her dishes. While the fresh produce may have been different to the traditional ingredients, it really worked. The menu was well thought out and an interesting blend of western produce with asian flavours (eg. sambal rainbow chard! Simple & effective). I loved the concept of satay rabbit - the rempah was outstanding even if the bunny was a little chewy. Delicious though, and very fitting with the mid-Autumn festival theme. The highlights for me were the ox cheek/venison rendang (unctuous and tender!) and the chap chye - in fact my enthusiasm for these dishes was rewarded with seconds (joy oh joy!). The poached pear with sago filling was definitely my favourite of the 4 tasting desserts that were rolled out. A wonderful foil to the rich and complex rendang served before.

This was definitely one of the best supperclubs we've been to. Well executed, no problems with timing, a convivial atmosphere (some really lovely people at our table), charming hosts and best of all, fantastic to have an opportunity for some homecooked flavours that remind me of visiting my relatives in Malaysia and Singapore. It's so hard to find these flavours consistently executed in London. I only hope plusixfive continue to host these supperclubs. I'll be back for sure.

Great food and company

Rating: 8

gloong attended A Singaporean X British Mid-Autumn Feast in October 2012, reviewed on 1 October 2012

Jason, Shuhan and team were amazing; one of the most welcoming hosts I have ever had the pleasure of attending. Their enthusiasm really helped lubricate the proceedings for the evening.

Foodwise: The whole aim was thoroughly commendable and oft successful, attempt at using local british produce in singaporean cooking. the amuse bouche of curry puff of potatoes and leeks was interesting and could have been a little spicier for my liking; i missed finding a little bit of egg white which I associate with Old Chang kee; the entree of pumpkin cakes and radish cakes were sublime with marvelous chilly sauces. the preserved turnips in the radish cakes together with the ubiquitous waxed paper reminded me of home. the rempah for the rabbit satay was gorgeous and rich and wonderful foil to the dry meat that is rabbit ; although the rabbit could do with a bit more tenderising (maybe slow poached in oil or warm oil marinade?) and the venison and pork cheek rendang was wondrfully executed with a balancce achieved from the cloves, cinnamon and star anise with lemon grass et al. My personal favourite was the stir fried shiitake , cabbage and tofu skins; disarming in it appearence and tastes, wonderfully redolent of past big family dinners. desserts, highlight was the poached pears with sago stuffing and coconut pandan sauce; slight crunch and slight acid to foil the rich coconut sauce. Very much satiated by the wonderful experience. cant wait for the next one.

what is a bowl to you?

Rating: 6

lilian_black attended The Battle of the Bak Kut Tehs - For Action Against Hunger in July 2012, reviewed on 30 July 2012

Pop-Up Singapore House

Your entry ticket secures you a bowl of bak kut teh is what said in your website.

I was given less than half of a half bowl with a miserable portion of rice and a not impressive yau cha kuih.

What advertised on your website, should be honored by your host.

Unfair competition

Rating: 2

Jeannieshee attended The Battle of the Bak Kut Tehs - For Action Against Hunger in July 2012, reviewed on 30 July 2012

Pop-Up Singapore House

Hi, I found the competition is unfair, as the attendees basically know who they supporting before they even try the bakuteh!

I would suggest the competition should conduct in a way where should not reveal the chefs of the bakuteh that they are tasting, for example labelling the pot as A or B rather than Singapore or Malaysia.

Therefore, I don't think the result correctly reflect what people really like to eat. I born in a place famous of Bakuteh, therefore I know the TASTE!

The Singaporean's bakuteh is abit sour, the soup taste abit gone off and very grease. I was told by the contestant, the soup was made 2 weeks ago! From my understanding that Herbal soup should not be kept over night!

Die die oso must try

Rating: 8

Innovativebaker attended Plusixfive X Mummyicancook in January 2012, reviewed on 26 July 2012

Lol! Yes...a bit of a faux pas by saying die in the context of Asians but seriously mummyicancook is a seriously fantastic chef! I love her flavour combinations and using in season ingredients was ingenious! Goz of course was always fantastic! Pork Chop was the best!

Me likey the fact that there was great synergy between the two chefs! and course FOH Christine was the bubbliest ever!

Enaknya!!!!! (delicious in Malay)

Rating: 8

Innovativebaker attended Plusixfive X Feasttotheworld in July 2012, reviewed on 26 July 2012

This was J's first supperclub and of course Goz's gazillionth supperclub! But..my first evening supperclub. I decided to gate crash as well with my 'Serimuka' lol! (sorry guys!)

Anyway, it was really a great atmosphere and the food...utterly delectable. My favourite? Ooohhhh...so many things! I love the do it yourself popiah bit especially and to top it off...the seriously-in-your-face-over-the-top-spicy sambal belacan!!!

You want good peranakan? then convince these two blokes to do it again. and again...and again...

Great evening

Rating: 10

robinspa attended Plusixfive X Feasttotheworld in July 2012, reviewed on 17 July 2012

Had a great time, will be back!


Rating: 10

jman attended Plusixfive X Feasttotheworld in July 2012, reviewed on 16 July 2012

unctuous babi ponteh
moreish ubi bingka
hot hot chiobu
uncles cooking up a storm
one hungry goondu


Rating: 10

jman attended Plusixfive X Feasttotheworld in June 2012, reviewed on 1 July 2012

Wah!!!!! Damn SHIOK man! :-)))))))))))))))))