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Too many wine tastings are dull affairs: silent, white rooms filled with serious, suited folk sniffing, sucking and then spitting before droning on about body and acidity. We Don't Spit is wine tasting done differently. We believe wine is best drunk with friends, food and music in a relaxing place. Wine is to be tried not taught. The only stuff we’ll ram down your throats will be the wine itself. We aim to find interesting venues across London, be it a wine cellar, a museum or an old factory. As well as our own events and courses, we will do private parties, corporate jollies and festivals – anywhere someone wants a decent glass of wine.

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by We Don't Spit

London's greatest wine club is back! We Don't Spit's second event will be on
29th January at 7.30pm in Shoreditch.

We Don't Spit will be trying again in a unique airy, space in Shoreditch,
which... Read more


Website: wedontspit.com

Email: wino@wedontspit.com

Twitter: @wedontspit


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