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by B&H Kitchen

**Game Season: Cooking and Butchery**

On this intensive game course, we look at why game is important in our diet.
The meat that we use in B&H Kitchen is all from ethically sourced in line with
the... Read more

by B&H Kitchen

**Cocktails and Canapes: Christmas Edition**

An evening of cocktail shaking and canape making: what better way to spend a
Wednesday night? Join us for an informal lesson in preparing the... Read more

by B&H Kitchen

**Sausage Making (full day course)**

Learn about the ingredients that go into making the perfect sausage. Make your
own sausage meat and discover how to create different tasty sausages from
around... Read more

by B&H Kitchen

**Learn to cook the perfect Italian menu!**

Bring the spirit of the Mediterranean into your home as we teach you to cook a
perfect Italian menu. Wow your friends with such dishes as fresh... Read more

by B&H Kitchen

We all know the expression "you eat with your eyes" and it is true that
presentation plays a huge part in how we experience a meal. Particularly in
this age of Instagram, if your guests feel the need... Read more

by B&H Kitchen

**Fish - filleting and cooking (all day course)**

We've created the perfect course to help you gain confidence in the kitchen
and prepare all varieties of fish with the assurance of a professional.... Read more

by B&H Kitchen

**Gluten Free Healthy eating (short course)**

You will be greeted with an introduction by Adam Gray, our Executive Chef who
has three decades of experience within the industry and is passionate... Read more

by B&H Kitchen

**Vegetables - seasonal and British - (full day course)**

The introduction to the course will be given by our vegetable buyer at New... Read more

by B&H Kitchen

**Knife Skills (short course)**

Before you can cook, you need to learn basic knife skills! On this course you
will use a selection of Zwilling Henkel professional knives, regarded by chefs
as the... Read more

by B&H Kitchen

**Cooking The Perfect Christmas Dinner **

Cooking and timing the perfect menu is a challenge at the best of times, but
with the large family gatherings that Christmas brings this can become... Read more

by B&H Kitchen

**Meat and poultry - cooking and butchery**

On this intensive butchery and cooking course, we address how best to select
and cook a vast range of meat and poultry that is now available throughout... Read more

by B&H Kitchen

**B&H Steak and Wine Nights (short course)**

Life doesn't get any better than eating a perfectly cooked steak! Cooking it
to perfection however, isn't always the no-brainer you would have... Read more

by The Spice Angel

Learn to prepare some delicious Indian dishes with MasterChef Quarter
Finalist, Rani in a fun and practical Indian Group Indian Cookery Class at:
The Oasis Academy, Homefield Road, Old Coulsdon,... Read more

by Karen's Low Carb Kitchen

Learn how to make delicious and simple low-carb, sugar-free, grain-free and
gluten-free dishes in an informal, relaxed and fun cooking workshop in North
London. Maximum participants is 4.

You will... Read more

by Tiger Kitchen

Now you can learn how to create authentic Bangladeshi dishes through small,
hands-on classes taught by Shahnaz, a local foodie and writer, and founder of
Tiger Kitchen!

... Read more

by London Paella School

In this class you will learn to make a traditional paella rice from Murcia
region in Spain. This dish is prepared with pork ribs and vegetables.
We will use fresh peppers, an ingredient, which is... Read more

by London Paella School

Learn how to cook one of the most surprising and tasty paella rice dishes. We
will use squid ink, which not only gives the rice its characteristic black
color, but an amazing flavour too.
You will... Read more

by Tutti a Tavola

Learn the dying art of making pasta entirely by hand and enjoy a truly unique

Under the expert guidance of Silvana, a professional artisan pasta maker from
Napoli, you will learn all... Read more

by School of Wok

**This course runs for 5 days Mon - Fri 10.30am - 5pm**

This specialist course covers essential skills and knowledge, imperative to
becoming a Chinese dim sum chef. Covering a variety of dim sum... Read more

by School of Wok

**This class runs over 5 consecutive days, Monday to Friday, 10.30am - 5pm**

This is a foundation course where you will learn the principles of cooking,... Read more

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