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by The Last Days of Pisco

For those who like their drinks strong and their fish naked, The Last Days of Pisco will be serving up fine pisco cocktails and experimental ceviche in Brixton for one weekend only this July. Taking... Read more

by The Art of Dining

The Lazy Lunch

At The Dalston Roof Park (full address will be sent with your booking confirmation).

You can expect bean, bacon and molasses soup served in an American biscuit bowl, lamb ribs with... Read more

by Supper at Tiffany's

Join us in south east London on Saturday 2 November to celebrate Dia de los
Muertos (Day of the Dead). This is a national holiday in Mexico to honour
deceased friends and relatives. Come dressed for... Read more

by Supper at Tiffany's

Join us in south east London to celebrate this American holiday family style
with all the traditional dishes...Turkey, gravy, dressing/stuffing, cranberry
sauce, sweet potatoes and marshmallows (yes... Read more

by Darjeeling Express

The arrival of the first Chinese emigrant to Calcutta was recorded in 1778...a Mr Yang Tai Chow who set up a sugar factory near Calcutta (the Bengali word for sugar is "chinni"...which also means... Read more

by Russian Revels

A little (stand up and dance around) dinner inspired by 1920s Soviet
underground dining and famous humorist novella '12 chairs'.

NB: part of the now iconic Bourne and Hollingsworth 920s... Read more

by Cornish Grill


Scallop with bacon, apple, and black pudding
Five spice-rubbed rib of beef, Szechuan Yorkshire puddings, and siaoxing gravy... Read more

by Khana Commune London

Just over a year ago, a young Tunisian man set himself on fire in a desperate protest against police brutality, a life of poverty and injustice. Never in our wildest imagination could we have... Read more

by Nomad Chef

Encore! Last year we did two Thanksgiving dinners at the Nomad Chef. This year will be no different, but they will be much better. Our second Thanksgiving dinner, scheduled as an early Sunday dinner... Read more

by Nomad Chef

In celebration of food, glorious food, the Nomad Chef is celebrating Thanksgiving as only a native American (in both senses of the word) can do. Last year we did two Thanksgiving dinners at the Nomad... Read more

by Bootleg Banquet

School nights are for staying out, misbehaving and generally being fabulous.
Ask Dawn Davenport and friends Chicklette and Concetta if you don't believe

Join us for a night celebrating the films... Read more

by Bootleg Banquet

A themed supperclub night that hat-tips the film maker's depiction of food in
his films. This will be our last public night before Christmas - a chance to
get together and let your hair down before... Read more

by Young & Foodish

Goodman may cook its steakhouse-style burgers using a coveted, state-of-the-art Josper charcoal oven grill, but chef John Cadieux is pretty sure he can get even better results with smaller batches of... Read more

by Young & Foodish

Extract from Young & Foodish website:

For the inaugural pop-up I wanted London’s best salt beef sandwich. I turned immediately to Dan of De Gustibus Bakery, who was house-brining and hand-carving... Read more

by La Fromagerie

We will be celebrating Thanksgiving with Prosecco & whisky sours on arrival followed by a four course supper of all-American fare paired with some fabulous wines, guests will feast on chowder or... Read more

by White Room Supper Club

Missing the Thanksgiving family gathering? Or are you not American and want to
try out what it is all about? Join the table.

Main course is served buffet style - and someone needs to volunteer to do... Read more

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