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by Surrey Spice

Surrey Spice invites you to join us for Surrey's first Indian Fine Dining
Supper Club. Each of our Supper Clubs are differently themed around seasons,
festivals or regions and offer a visual and... Read more

by Monograph

Summer is (almost) here and we are taking you for a walk on the seaside.

Our cover dish for June surprised us by how well the textures and flavours
blend together.
... Read more

by Rajiv's Kitchen

_"We only have what we give"_

After 3 weeks and with the second earthquake that just rattled the already
shaken country, we will be hosting our yet another fundraiser event to
continue our series of... Read more

by The Underground Restaurant

Along with Stockholm supper club hostess and chef Linn Soderstrom, we will be
cooking a traditional Swedish midsummer's eve dinner: lots of cured herring
and whipped strawberry cream cake.

If the... Read more

by The Fabulous Adventures of 698B

**Join the table for a new Adventure with a four-course Spring menu and a Pea's Body Fizz on arrival - in the professional chef's own home! BYOB.**

Menu... Read more

by The Fabulous Adventures of 698B

Join two professionals on their journey to set up their own restaurant! Every
698B adventure revolves around a specific theme. However, you can always look
forward to seasonal British products... Read more

by Flambée

If you want to try something new, can't be bothered to cook or are simply
hungover, come and discover the Tarte Flambee, or Flammenkuech, a French type
of pizza!

This traditional French recipe... Read more

by The Proud Archivist

Turn the lights down, it's time to get romantic...

Valentines Special at The Proud Archivist: Nicos Popupalot's Lobster Love-in.

We have invited pop-up restauranteur **Nicos Popupalot** to bring... Read more

by Funky Feast

Funky Feast is hosting its monthly pop-up at the lovely Plumtree Cafe in
Greenwich. Experienced and epicurean chef, Eric Allangba, seeks to make fine
dining more accessible and attainable for all... Read more

by soothe food

In true Soothe Food style we'll be making the most of Autumn with a
celebration of all the lovely produce it has to offer -with a menu that's
gluten free and low FODMAP. As always the meal will be... Read more

by soothe food

Summer seems to be trying to stick around so we're going to try and make the
most of it with a gluten free and low FODMAP menu packed full of seasonal,
fresh ingredients and soothing herbs and... Read more

by The Moveable Feast

All you healthy bod's who like to look after yourself... this one's for you!

We're hosting a super-healthy detox evening with a grain/dairy/sugar-free menu
to fill you with raw goodness and set you... Read more

by La Petite Bouchee

It's that time of year when our friends across the sea, spend the evening
revelling and generally enjoying the craic in local hostelries and bars. March
17th is of course St. Patricks day....... Read more

by La Petite Bouchee

It's time to "Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer
Those days of soda and pretzels and beer"

Or in our case a beautiful wicker basket filled with French inspired
favourites to choose... Read more

by La Petite Bouchee

Come and celebrate Chinese New Year with a glorious fusion feast bringing east
and west together in a Franco/Chinese menu to welcome in the year of the goat.

The goat is synonymous with the arts and... Read more

by La Petite Bouchee

We're inviting you to join us for a glass of Christmas cheer to say thank you
for your patronage this year. Come and fill your glass with fizz or a mug of
mulled wine or cider and nibble on some... Read more

by La Petite Bouchee

The idea for La Gargote (soup kitchen) has developed from our love of simple
yet flavour-packed lunchtime favourites. Good soup, crusty homemade bread and
maybe a hunk or two of cheese. La Gargote... Read more

by La Petite Bouchee

We recently conducted a mini survey of our readers, Facebook and twitter
followers and asked, do you like oysters? There was a resounding 60/40 win in
favour of the humble oyster, so when there's an... Read more

by La Petite Bouchee

We're celebrating Halloween a couple of days early at La Petite Bouchee this
year with a ghoulish gathering, a menu fit for a mausoleum and a cocktail that
is likely to bring back the dead.... So why... Read more

by La Petite Bouchee

The time has come for the tasting this years Beaujolais Nouveau! This is the
culmination of a year of work on the part of producers of Beaujolais wine
which comes from the the heart of the... Read more

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