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by Jenius Social

If you think this is the year to up your game in the kitchen, sign up to this
class and put your plans into action. This fast-paced course puts the
spotlight on professional cookery tips and... Read more

by Jenius Social

Love oysters and love champagne? Us too, which is why we're particularly
excited about offering this course, with top-class oysters sourced from
Colchester's world-famous Haward Oysters.

You'll... Read more

by Jenius Social

Enjoy vibes and the food of Rio De Janeiro with our Brazilian Street food
class! Come enjoy a Brazilian night with us and you will be able to reproduce
the tasty Brazilian Street Food at home to... Read more

by Tess Ward

Want to get sushi making like a pro? The 'YES' Chef, Tess, has created a
bespoke healthy sushi making cooking class to get you slicing and rolling with
the ease of a master

... Read more

by Kinuya Japanese Cooking Studio

_Let's learn the basics for making sushi at home. _

_This hands-on master class will teach you how to make -_

* **_the Perfect Sushi Rice_**... Read more

by London Cookery School

**Sushi Lovers!

Learn how to make a 5 different types of Sushi in this 3 hour session and get
to enjoy the fruits of your labour afterwards. ****This class is suitable for
complete beginners!** ... Read more

by The urban chefs

A fish classification worksheet and recipe book will be given out for all seafood lessons.

Lesson one

Introduction to shell fish found around our coast line... Read more

by Harrington's Kitchen

In this class you will learning how to prepare a variety of fish and
shellfish-from filleting oily fish to dressing a crab.You will be given advice
on buying fish and how to deal with your local... Read more

by Culinary Anthropologist

Whether you love seafood and want more inspiration, or want to get over your
fear of attempting fish and shellfish dishes at home, this class is for you!

... Read more

by Culinary Anthropologist

At this masterclass you will learn how to open oysters, how to check and
prepare mussels and clams, and how to deal with squid and cuttlefish. The
class is suited to shellfish and seafood novices and... Read more

by Mustard Seed

Take the fear factor out of Fish! 5 fabulously fishy (and seafoody!) recipes prepared & served for your delectation! £30 per head, includes complimentary glass of wine & goody bag! Read more

by Leiths School of Food & Wine

This four part evening course is a fish lover’s delight. Take the fear out of preparing and cooking fish as you learn week by week: filleting and cooking flat and round fish as well as cooking... Read more

by Food at 52

**Kitchen Basics - 3 Part Evening Series**

We've come up with a course designed to nurture even the most novice of cooks
through the basics of preparing simple but impressive dishes. Over the... Read more

by Food at 52

Spend a full day becoming a fish expert. As much as people love fish, many of
us lack the confidence to deal with both the preparation required and the best
techniques for cooking it. Using a variety... Read more

by Food at 52

In this all day Southern Indian feast we delve deeper into tastes from Kerala
and beyond, including some typical banquet dishes and seafood curries. Vibrant
and colourful, light yet impressive, this... Read more

by Food at 52

In this extended Thai course, we will explore multiple authentic curries
building with the quintessential flavour spectrum of sweet, spicy, sour, salty
and pungent. This is a great opportunity to... Read more

by Books for Cooks

Seafood remains the most daunting subject to master in the kitchen. Join Eric Treuillé as he focuses on the simplest techniques and the freshest, most delicate flavours. Be prepared to participate! Read more

by Cookery School at Little Portland Street

Extract from Cookery School at Little Portland Street website:

Learn how to choose the freshest fish and prepare it for cooking. From grilling to poaching, steaming to frying, you will master the... Read more

by Billingsgate Seafood Training School

Extract from Billingsgate website:

What to expect:
You will learn how to prepare 1 named species of fish and create an easy recipe that you cook for supper. Often a second, related species is... Read more

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