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by School of Wok

Understanding the 'height of your fire' is key to wok cooking and something
that many people do not know when using a wok. Get to grips with your wok in
this 3 hour cookery class.

... Read more

by School of Wok

During this class students will learn the difference between Temaki
(handrolls), Hosomaki (thin rolls), and Uramaki (inside out rolls) with access
to a variety of fillings. You will also learn how to... Read more

by School of Wok

The idea of this lesson is to push you to be able to make a variety of
colourful dim sum that will eventually make up a dim sum basket full of simple
dumplings that you have made yourself with the... Read more

by School of Wok

From savoury little gyoza dumplings to rich and satisfying katsu curry,
Japanese cuisine has so many mouth-watering options to offer. During this
class you'll learn about the flavour enhancing... Read more

by School of Wok

Izakaya dining refers to a casual Japanese restaurant that serves small dishes
along with sake.

During this class you will make a selection of Japanese-style tapas, as well
as a refreshing Sake... Read more

by School of Wok

Picture a long table heaving with food, surrounded by family and friends. Now
make it a reality. In the customary tradition of over-the-top banqueting
during Chinese New Year, School of Wok presents... Read more

by Jenius Social

Any visit to South America isn't complete without sampling its amazing street
food. But why not save yourself the air fare and learn how to cook your own at
Jenius Social?

Our chef will lead you on... Read more

by London Paella School

With our executive chef Javi Vicente, born and raised in Valencia, you will
learn how to cook an authentic Paella recipe, which is none other than Paella
Valenciana, the origin of everything.
You... Read more

by Urban Kitchen

Get healthy by eating unprocessed foods as our early ancestors did! We'll
create some delicious meals excluding dairy products and cereals yet ensuring
that you have all the nutrients you need.
... Read more

by Urban Kitchen

Are you ready to perform at your best this year? We look at what you can eat
to elevate your performance both mentally and physically along with some tasty
... Read more

by Black Hand Food

Come and learn how to make your own bacon and sausages with us! We'll take you
through the theory of making bangers, salami and mortadella. Then you can get
stuck into making your own fresh chorizo.... Read more

by Black Hand Food

In this course we'll be learning how you can butcher a whole pig. We will
start with a half carcass, cut it down into some fresh cuts and some which
we'll cure on the day and finish at home. We will... Read more

by Hen Corner

**_'Sara is a fantastic tutor; engaging and informative in perfect measure. These courses are excellent value for money; to learn in a home environment that you can easily replicate, with like minded... Read more

by Urban Kitchen

A fun and interactive healthy cooking workshop where you will leave
understanding specific nutrition and cooking tips and feel confident that you
can recreate the meals at home. All meals inspired by... Read more

by Culinary Anthropologist

Game cookery can be much easier than you think! All you need is a few simple
skills and techniques and a little hands on experience. This class will
encourage you to cook game more often and give you... Read more

by Culinary Anthropologist

At this masterclass you will learn how to identify, wash, store, chop, use and
preserve a variety of summer herbs including lavender, basil, tarragon, mint,
dill, sweet woodruff, thyme and more.

You... Read more

by Culinary Anthropologist

At this masterclass you will learn all the basics of salt-curing and hot-
smoking - both of which can easily be done at home using simple DIY kit.

You will learn how to cure and smoke fish, meat and... Read more

by Bebs Bites

There is no comparison to what a curry can do with vegetables!

You will cook:

Aloo Tikki - A spicy moreish potato cake (not deep fried)... Read more

by Rachel's Kitchen

'Tis the season to sip on mulled wine and indulge. So join us in making
delicious edible gifts that you will want to make extra of, so you can keep
some for yourself too!

We'll be making Parmesan... Read more

by Spitalfields Home Cookery Classes

**The 3hr breadmaking class entails:**

:: tea/coffee on arrival

:: 2 enthusiastic breadmaking students... Read more

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