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by La Petite Bouchee

The idea for La Gargote (soup kitchen) has developed from our love of simple
yet flavour-packed lunchtime favourites. Good soup, crusty homemade bread and
maybe a hunk or two of cheese. La Gargote... Read more

by La Petite Bouchee

We recently conducted a mini survey of our readers, Facebook and twitter
followers and asked, do you like oysters? There was a resounding 60/40 win in
favour of the humble oyster, so when there's an... Read more

by La Petite Bouchee

Guy Fawkes Night originates from the Gunpowder Plot of 1605, a failed
conspiracy by a group of provincial English Catholics to assassinate the
Protestant King James I of England and replace him with... Read more

by La Petite Bouchee

**Some St.Valentines Trivia** .....

An old Valentines day custom in France and now officially banned was called
the "_une loterie d'amour_" or "drawing for love". This entailed single people
of all... Read more

by La Petite Bouchee

We're celebrating Halloween a couple of days early at La Petite Bouchee this
year with a ghoulish gathering, a menu fit for a mausoleum and a cocktail that
is likely to bring back the dead.... So why... Read more

by La Petite Bouchee

Is there anything better on a Sunday than enjoying a fabulous late breakfast
whilst watching the world go by? Come and enjoy a relaxed brunch experience in
our unique little bistro. We'll be serving... Read more

by Monkey & Molasses

Buenos dias amigochos!

Welcome to another Monkey & Molasses popup! Previous sell out nights have
taken customers all over the world and this time we'd like to invite you to
'Don Taco', a fabulous... Read more

by Monkey & Molasses

## Sold out! Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming events!

Deep South (London) hospitality, good ole home style cooking, three lip
smacking courses and a pitcher of homemade spiked Tennessee sweet tea... Read more

by Monkey & Molasses

### This event is now SOLD OUT! Please keep an eye out for our monthly pop ups
all advertised here!

... Read more

by Jenius Social

Jenius Social invites you to come along for a night of mouth-watering meat!
We'll kick off with our resident meat expert Luke giving you a butchery
demonstration, then it's onto tasting a range of... Read more

by Jenius Social

Get ready for a Mexican feast like you've never had before - we're talking
authentic and fresh, with short, sharp bursts of flavour that epitomise what
Mexico is all about. The starter will get your... Read more

by Jenius Social

Our regular supper clubs kick off with lobster as the star of the show, sure
to be a hit with your taste buds too! On the menu will be Lobster, prawn mango
and avocado salad to start, home-made... Read more

by YaDa Chef

Hosted by YaDa Chef and House of Tippler

**In Honour of **_Guerra de Independencia de Mexico _**YaDa Chef is bringing you ****Small Plates BIG Flavours!** Don't miss your chance to try this... Read more

by Lucky tuna

Come and join with lucky Tuna with some of our favourite Sri Lankan dishes.
This is an intimate affair in South west London and we are sure you will walk
away having made a few friends.

What do you... Read more


You don't need to be following a raw or vegan diet to enjoy the flavour-
filled, nutritious living food delights* served up on the night. Just bring a
desire to enjoy delicious food in a brilliant... Read more

by banquet

**May 2nd 2015**

**BENEDICT **... Read more

by Greenhill Kitchen

After success of running innovative pop-up kitchens in Mumbai, Flora Hilleary
and Aditi Dugar will be scenting the streets of London with their spices for a
special Rajasthani supper club.

Rasovara... Read more

by Club Mexicana

Mexican street food aficionados, Club Mexicana, are teaming up with chef
extraordinaire Adam Rawson to bring you Supper Club Mexicana; a luxury vegan
supper club serving a seven course tasting menu... Read more

by Búntà Vietnamese BBQ

An all-day Vietnamese-style, garden BBQ brunch.

Inspired by the Vietnamese "ăn sang" \- breakfast - with its array of
scrumptious dishes, SÁNG is the new exciting BBQ Brunch experience, brought... Read more

by Taste in London

This is the opportunity to challenge your taste in pizzas through blind
tasting; finishing the evening knowing what type of pizzas is your favourite.

## What to expect?
... Read more

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