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by The Backdoor Kitchen

Turin, the first capital of Italy, and one of the most influential cultural
centres of the old Europe. City of arts, refined cuisine and mysteries, Turin
has been regarded over the years, amongst the... Read more

by The Backdoor Kitchen

Come, ye thankful people, come! The Backdoor Kitchen culinary raves are
finally landing on Central London.

Patisserie Lila, one of the oldest gastronomic institutions of London bridge,
just off the... Read more

by The Backdoor Kitchen

Every now and then Rob takes a break from his regional Italian obsession and
puts together a few nights that are completely inspired by limitless
creativity. No national pride, no themes or flavour... Read more

by The Backdoor Kitchen

Last May Ross, the Butler, knocked at the BackDoor and, as many of you who
know the Chef, Rob, couldn't say no to homemade Lemongrass and Cardamon Gin.

Ross gave a Gin Tonic taste to our amazed... Read more

by The Backdoor Kitchen

Friends at the Backdoor here we are for our first pop-up series which will hit the vibrant atmosphere of Brixton, just one level up Cannon and Cannon in... Read more

by The Backdoor Kitchen

A REAL ITALIAN COCKTAIL BAR along with a smoking hot culinary experience!

You sit down, grab your cocktail and leave us serving 3 delicious cicchetti.
Chef will go freestyle - as it happens in all... Read more

by Mustard Seed

Inspired by the recent discovery of Mum's 1970s dinner party planner, we'll be featuring some of her favourites. Will it be Chicken Marengo or Hungarian Pork, Beef Stroganoff or Gammon Madeira?... Read more

by Khana Commune London

Just over a year ago, a young Tunisian man set himself on fire in a desperate protest against police brutality, a life of poverty and injustice. Never in our wildest imagination could we have... Read more

by Fin and Flounder Supper Club

On Monday 19th December we're doing an oyster and wine tasting night, giving you the opportunity to taste up to 10 different varieties of oyster, both cooked and raw, and to sample our incredible... Read more

by ferdiesfoodlab

ferdiesfoodlab is a London supper club turned de-formalised social banquet.
It's set in the beautiful Toynbee Hall - a grade II listed building hidden in
the east end of central London near Brick... Read more

by ferdiesfoodlab

ferdiesfoodlab is a London supper club turned de-formalised social banquet.
It's set in a growing number of different locations. Even better it's bring
your own drinks, which helps keep the cost of... Read more

by Young Turks

Extract from Young Turks website:

We're going to be cooking in a temporary restaurant for one week, in one of the first office buildings that went up on the Canary Wharf development. Our goal is to... Read more

by +(65) / plusixfive

We will be showcasing a few of the homegrown dishes that mom and grandma used to whip up for dinner at home.

And lace it with pinch of nostalgia and a dash of comfort.

BUT WITH A TWIST....!... Read more

by +(65) / plusixfive

In Singapore we take all our meals very seriously, and just because it's early in the morning, doesn't mean breakfast should be plain ol' cereal or toast (it just means the mums and hawkers wake up... Read more

Sunday Feasts

by +(65) / plusixfive

This is it. The last big bash before Goz heads off the British Isles for a work assignment.

Menu coming soon.... Read more

by +(65) / plusixfive

I know we hardly had summer, but AUTUMN IS HERE.

And on the Chinese calendar, 30 Sep is my favourite festival of all, the MID-AUTUMN FESTIVAL! (Mooncakes, tea, lanterns, gazing at the moon for... Read more

by The Clove Club

Our next project is a temporary restaurant in one of the first office buildings that went up on the Canary Wharf development called Restaurants In Residence.

Restaurants In Residence is part of... Read more

by The Underground Restaurant

It's spring and the marmalade making season has finished. Lets celebrate
Paddington's favourite ingredient by using it in baking.

MsMarmitelover's tea parties don't just have sweet things but also... Read more

by The Loft Project

Extract from The Loft Project website:

Mark Dobbie and Andy Oliver both work at Nahm, David Thompson’s Thai restaurant in Hyde Park Corner. Mark Dobbie, the sous chef, has been there three years... Read more

by Young & Foodish

Extract from Young & Foodish website:

Chef Henry Harris translates the hearty French classicism of his cherished, award-winning Racine Restaurant in London’s Knightsbridge for this BurgerMonday... Read more

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