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by Jenius Social

A lover of Japanese Food, but want to eat more vegetarian and vegan options?

Join Sushi Maven Silla Bjerrum for this exclusive vegetarian Japanese cooking
class to celebrate Vegetarian Week. Silla... Read more

by B&H Kitchen

Peruvian food is an enticing mixture of influences - Spanish, Japanese, North
African and Creole - blended with native Incan flavours to make a unique and
increasingly popular cuisine... Read more

by School of Wok

**This class runs over 5 consecutive days, Monday to Friday, 10.30am - 5pm**

This is a foundation course where you will learn the principles of cooking,... Read more

by School of Wok

During this class students will learn the difference between Temaki
(handrolls), Hosomaki (thin rolls), and Uramaki (inside out rolls) with access
to a variety of fillings. You will also learn how to... Read more

by School of Wok

From savoury little gyoza dumplings to rich and satisfying katsu curry,
Japanese cuisine has so many mouth-watering options to offer. During this
class you'll learn about the flavour enhancing... Read more

by School of Wok

Izakaya dining refers to a casual Japanese restaurant that serves small dishes
along with sake.

During this class you will make a selection of Japanese-style tapas, as well
as a refreshing Sake... Read more

by Made In Hackney

Super chef and food stylist Rachelle Cousineau will take you on a culinary
journey through Asia in this Masterclass. You will learn how to make Maki
Sushi, discover the secret to authentic thai curry... Read more

by Tsunami Japanese Restaurant

Our 15 years experienced Sushi Chef will teach how to make sushi which is
mostly suitable for the beginners. You will learn how to make a selection of
different types of sushi roll, including Hoso... Read more

by Keiko Urakawa

We offer an introduction to the wonderful world of sushi, with an easy and fun

... Read more

by Keiko Urakawa

This is your chance to learn how to create an astonishing sushi party platter
to surprise your family and friends in this month of Christmas celebrations,
while developing the basic knowledge and... Read more

by Keiko Urakawa

If you have ever wondered how this staple of Japanese cuisine is created, from
the crispy dough to the yummy filling, this is the class for you.

... Read more

by Tess Ward

Want to get sushi making like a pro? The 'YES' Chef, Tess, has created a
bespoke healthy sushi making cooking class to get you slicing and rolling with
the ease of a master

... Read more

by Kinuya Japanese Cooking Studio

_Let's learn the basics for making sushi at home. _

_This hands-on master class will teach you how to make -_

* **_the Perfect Sushi Rice_**... Read more

by London Cookery School

**Sushi Lovers!

Learn how to make a 5 different types of Sushi in this 3 hour session and get
to enjoy the fruits of your labour afterwards. ****This class is suitable for
complete beginners!** ... Read more

by Rachel's Kitchen

Join Rachel's Kitchen for our Asian-inspired vegetarian class, popular with
both vegetarians and meat-eaters.

Le Cordon Bleu trained Rachel will introduce you to fun, new ingredients and
teach... Read more

by Rachel's Kitchen

Get ready to host your own sushi party!

In this Sushi Masterclass, we'll make food that will introduce fun, new
ingredients, leaving you inspired and able to make sushi at home and with
friends.... Read more

by Leiths School of Food & Wine

Learn to make simple sushi and Japanese dishes in this hands-on class with Silla Bijerrum, founder of Feng Sushi. As well as perfecting maki (rolled) sushi, Silla will teach you to create a selection... Read more

by Urban Kitchen

The oldest inhabitants on the planet have their highest concentrations in
Okinawa in Japan and Sicily in the Mediterranean. What do they eat to lead
them to good health?
... Read more

by Books for Cooks

If you thought that making sushi was strictly for professionals, then this class is for you. Discover how sushi can be made at home with minimum fuss and take home traditional, vegetarian and fusion... Read more

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