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by Tantie Lorraine’s Kitchen

Pastelles are a traditional dish in several Latin American countries and
brought to Trinidad and Tobago by our Spanish speaking neighbours. it is
similar to a Mexican tamale. It is traditionally... Read more

by Urban Kitchen

A fun and interactive healthy cooking workshop where you will leave
understanding specific nutrition and cooking tips and feel confident that you
can recreate the meals at home. All meals inspired by... Read more

by Jenius Social

The Real Mexican is a full-throttle adventure into preparing and cooking truly
modern Mexican dishes. It's a guaranteed two hours of Mexican sunshine on a

The class kicks off with a delicious... Read more

by Jenius Social

The Mexican street food craze is sweeping the country, taking all who
surrender to it on a bold culinary adventure guaranteed to thrill the senses.
Short, sharp bursts of clean & varied flavours... Read more

by Jenius Social

Nose-to-tail cooking is commonplace in many countries and the more unusual
animal cuts can be delicious if cooked right. This course turns the spotlight
on an off-the-wall tapas menu and if you fancy... Read more

by Supper at Tiffany's

Learn to make fabulous Mexican dishes that are rarely seen in London!

Beginners Welcome :)

Join us at Sutra Kitchen in Soho for an afternoon of Mexican cooking. It is... Read more

by Urban Kitchen

Create Mexican food with a twist with authentic ingredients such as tostaditas with roast corn salsa or pomegranate and duck tacos.

Our evening classes last for just under 3 hours during which time... Read more

by Cookery School at Little Portland Street

Extract from Cookery School at Little Portland Street:

Learn how to make spicy and delicious Mexican street food. We will show you how to make salsas and marinades, tamales, tortillas, quesadillas... Read more

by Angela Malik

Extract from Angela Malik website:

A special class on how to entertain your friends Mexican style! Make your own black bean tostadas with a fresh pico de gallo salsa, accompanied by a pulled pork... Read more

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