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by Pop Up Barbados


Blue Crab Callaloo

sweet blue crab cooked in a thick callaloo soup with Caribbean herbs & spice... Read more

by Pop Up Barbados



Mini Fish Skewers w Wasabi (f) 3... Read more

by Pop Up Barbados

As summer unfolds so will be some of my raw fusion of flavors that will instantly brighten up your palette.

A 3 course creativity on Caribbean cuisine.

£25 and bring your own bottle.... Read more

by Pop Up Barbados

What's in store for June, thinking creative here is what I came up with. Colors, taste, presentation and atmosphere.

3 course seafood dinner donation £30 pp.

Starter... Read more

by Pop Up Barbados

28 April 2012

As always serving up authentic island kitchen right here in Dalston! This one is a good old treat for anyone who loves exciting food and up for trying something different.

3 course... Read more

by Scandilicious Brunches and Suppers


* Scandilicious Royale (Sparkling Cherry Cocktail)
* Acquavit-Cured Salmon, Homemade Pickles, Shot Of Aquavit
* Skagen Crisps (Sweet Atlantic Prawns, Lumpfish Roe, Lemon, Dill & * Mayonnaise... Read more

by Cornish Grill


Scallop with bacon, apple, and black pudding
Five spice-rubbed rib of beef, Szechuan Yorkshire puddings, and siaoxing gravy... Read more

by Taste Mauritius

(A Seafood DELIGHT from the exotic island of Mauritius)

A melody of seafood flavours, both traitional and authentic to Mauritian ways of cooking seafood dishes.

When on the island, you can just go... Read more

by Two Hungry Girls Supperclub

Is that Spring we see on the horizon? Well it may as well be with our ALL NEW Spring Menu featuring brand new menu items for a fresh season! As always we reserve the right to surprise and delight you... Read more

by Vegan Peasant Catering

Happy Chinese New Year wishing you a properous and healthy year of the Dragon.

Of course, this dinner is not your traditional Chinese New Year's Dinner as many of the dishes contain chicken, pork... Read more

by Tonkotsu Bar & Ramen (aka Tsuru Ramen)

Ramen lunch at Tsuru Bishopsgate 1 or 3pm. Please email sitting preference to and I'll try my best to accommodate you!

£15 includes a beer, sake, wine or tea and a big bowl of... Read more

by The Sharing Supperclub

The dinner will be Tuscan themed, with traditional recipes that some large Italian Mumma* used to make.

The venue is in East London on the central line. Its called The Sharing Supper Club because... Read more

by Culinary Anthropologist

Whether you love seafood and want more inspiration, or want to get over your
fear of attempting fish and shellfish dishes at home, this class is for you!

... Read more

by Culinary Anthropologist

At this masterclass you will learn how to open oysters, how to check and
prepare mussels and clams, and how to deal with squid and cuttlefish. The
class is suited to shellfish and seafood novices and... Read more

by The Backdoor Kitchen

There is one thing that Italians do best, well, second best, and that is
organising amazing feasts around hearty, rustic, flavoursome food.

Whatever our background is as Italians, we must know our... Read more

by The Backdoor Kitchen

Last May Ross, the Butler, knocked at the BackDoor and, as many of you who
know the Chef, Rob, couldn't say no to homemade Lemongrass and Cardamon Gin.

Ross gave a Gin Tonic taste to our amazed... Read more

by The Backdoor Kitchen

A supperclub inspired to some of chef's greatest passions: sparkling wines and seafood!
4 courses, dessert, a professional wine tasting session with four different sparkling wines and FREE extra top... Read more

by The Backdoor Kitchen

In Rome Xmas' Eve is a huge thing, maybe even more inmportant than Xmas' day. Family gather up in the evening for a stricly fish and seafood menu only.
Using this "historical" expedient, for the last... Read more

Supperclub Summit

by The Backdoor Kitchen

Roberto and Fabio started their secret nights with passion and with the hope of spreading the popularity of yet to be discovered regional Italian and Spanish foodie gems. In less than a year chef... Read more

Sunday Feasts

by The Backdoor Kitchen

Chef Roberto and video journalist Fabio started to run their “secret foodie extravaganza”, as they labelled their supperclub, almost a year ago in a tiny, colourful flat near the vibrant Tower Bridge... Read more

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