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by The Backdoor Kitchen

A supperclub inspired to some of chef's greatest passions: sparkling wines and seafood!
4 courses, dessert, a professional wine tasting session with four different sparkling wines and FREE extra top... Read more

by The Backdoor Kitchen

In Rome Xmas' Eve is a huge thing, maybe even more inmportant than Xmas' day. Family gather up in the evening for a stricly fish and seafood menu only.
Using this "historical" expedient, for the last... Read more

Supperclub Summit

by The Backdoor Kitchen

Roberto and Fabio started their secret nights with passion and with the hope of spreading the popularity of yet to be discovered regional Italian and Spanish foodie gems. In less than a year chef... Read more

Sunday Feasts

by The Backdoor Kitchen

Chef Roberto and video journalist Fabio started to run their “secret foodie extravaganza”, as they labelled their supperclub, almost a year ago in a tiny, colourful flat near the vibrant Tower Bridge... Read more

by The Backdoor Kitchen

Since we've been literally covered by a flurry of requests for this one and we haven't got enough space to give everybody a seat, the BackDoor Kitchen decided to do a 2nd round of its Sparkling Night... Read more

by The Backdoor Kitchen

A Sicilian cuisine inspired supperclub.

Complimentary glass of Prosecco

***... Read more

by Mustard Seed

Take the fear factor out of Fish! 5 fabulously fishy (and seafoody!) recipes prepared & served for your delectation! £30 per head, includes complimentary glass of wine & goody bag! Read more

by Khana Commune London

Menu for 14 Dec:

To start
Pakistani haleem, a meaty lentil stew served with fresh lemon, ginger and coriander
Seafood seasoned and served on a himalayan pink salt block... Read more

by The Fondue Project

Extract from The Fondue Project website:

Expect 5 courses with a heady climax of our speciality - a crab, cheddar and cider fondue.

(This event is now sold out)... Read more

by Leiths School of Food & Wine

This four part evening course is a fish lover’s delight. Take the fear out of preparing and cooking fish as you learn week by week: filleting and cooking flat and round fish as well as cooking... Read more

by Fin and Flounder Supper Club

Have you ever come into our, or any other fishmonger's and looked at fish and realised you're not too sure what half of them taste like? If that's the case, or if you just want to try out some truly... Read more

by +(65) / plusixfive


Guest chef - Yolanda Augustin

Pork belly satay... Read more

by Bootleg Banquet

Do you love ❤️Love ❤️ but hate February the 14th?

Terrible romantics that we are, we think there are better ways to celebrate
than uncomfortable silences and uneasy eye-contact over a table for two... Read more

by Food at 52

**Kitchen Basics - 3 Part Evening Series**

We've come up with a course designed to nurture even the most novice of cooks
through the basics of preparing simple but impressive dishes. Over the... Read more

by Food at 52

Spend a full day becoming a fish expert. As much as people love fish, many of
us lack the confidence to deal with both the preparation required and the best
techniques for cooking it. Using a variety... Read more

by Food at 52

In this all day Southern Indian feast we delve deeper into tastes from Kerala
and beyond, including some typical banquet dishes and seafood curries. Vibrant
and colourful, light yet impressive, this... Read more

by Food at 52

In this extended Thai course, we will explore multiple authentic curries
building with the quintessential flavour spectrum of sweet, spicy, sour, salty
and pungent. This is a great opportunity to... Read more

by Books for Cooks

Seafood remains the most daunting subject to master in the kitchen. Join Eric Treuillé as he focuses on the simplest techniques and the freshest, most delicate flavours. Be prepared to participate! Read more

by Cookery School at Little Portland Street

Extract from Cookery School at Little Portland Street website:

Learn how to choose the freshest fish and prepare it for cooking. From grilling to poaching, steaming to frying, you will master the... Read more

by Billingsgate Seafood Training School

Extract from Billingsgate Seafood Training School website:

Following requests from people who have joined our early market visits - we have extended this session to include some fish preparation... Read more

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