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by Toast

When you’re asked to bring a bottle of wine to a friend’s dinner, what do you do? Do you know your Mourvedre from your Malbec and your Viognier from your Verdicchio? Or do you pick out a bottle based... Read more

by Toast

Everywhere you look, small food businesses have flowered across the capital. From artisan bread to Vietnamese sandwiches to handmade chocolates, if you can imagine it, there’s a stall or shop selling... Read more

by Toast

Horsemeat in hamburgers labeled “beef”. Obesity and related diseases on the rise. Crop failures and overfished oceans. All this begs the question: is the way we eat environmentally, socially, and... Read more

by Toast

We read so much now of the doom and gloom in the publishing business, but a light shines in the darkness: cookbook sales are up. So why is the demand for cookbooks growing, despite the fact that,... Read more

by Toast

London has been a magnet for immigration for centuries. Waves of Huguenots, Irish, Eastern European Jews, Afro-Caribbeans, and South Asians (among many others) have come to the metropolis seeking new... Read more

by Toast

We hear chefs described as the “new rock stars”, but we don’t hear nearly as much about what lies behind them – restaurants and restaurateurs. We’ve gathered a group of experts to discuss the past,... Read more

by Bloomsbury Cooks

The History of English Food and what it tell us about society

Join Lawrence Norfolk and Kate Colquhoun for an evening of gastronomic time travel as they discuss food’s relationship with history and... Read more

by Leiths School of Food & Wine

Extract from Leiths website:

We are delighted to welcome Vicki Scott from the New Baby Company to Leiths for this essential class for new mothers. The class introduces you and your baby to the world... Read more

by Bottle Apostle

Extract from Bottle Apostle website:

Move over Richard, Judy and Oprah - our new Liquid Book Club offers you the opportunity to exercise the little grey cells with some literary criticism, then calm... Read more

by Fungi To Be With

Extract from Fungi to be with website:

10.00am: Introduction
About fungi to be with what it is, what it does, its aims and objectives.
... Read more

by Your Sushi

Manu is a French Sushi Chef with a twist!

Seen on Saturday's Kitchen and having taught thousands how to make GREAT Sushi with a Twist, Manu is a great speaker and is very... Read more

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